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Pine Creek Seed Farm

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide excellent seed services for suppliers and producers across North America.

T. A. Doebler’s great grandson, seedsman Chris McCracken, has purchased the original property of Pine Creek Seed Farm and has converted this iconic seed corn processing plant and warehouse into a high capacity small seeds company. Chris is leading his family into the same worthy tradition, and on the same land. The idea is to provide value not only to farmers in the East, but also to seed suppliers across North America.

With a reliable source for a full range of seed services in the East, seed companies from outside regions can now ship bulk seed by rail or by truck into Eastern markets, closer to their customers.

Following the original plan, today’s Pine Creek Seed Farm offers a full range of seed processing, mixing/blending and distribution services for seed producers and suppliers across North America.

The value is in the confidence that these services will well serve the industry by ensuring that high quality seed arrives at all stages in the distribution chain with impeccable cleaning, grading, bagging, labeling, and logistics tailored to customer specifications.


Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources




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