We know businesses want to connect with schools, schools want to better understand business needs, and students want and need to see career pathways first-hand. Path to Careers makes those connections happen — effectively and efficiently. Businesses register by providing information about who they are, what they do, and how they would like to connect with schools and students through customized career awareness experiences. Schools register so educators and students alike can easily learn about local businesses and make connections that allow them to see, feel, and understand first-hand the opportunities that exist and the skills and abilities needed to secure them. Path to Careers helps schools focus on what matters — students — while relieving the burden of researching where local businesses are, what they have to offer, and who to contact. Similarly, it is designed with businesses in mind, allowing connections to happen within a streamlined platform that allows them to engage with students and schools in ways that work for them.

Our Goals


Path to Careers is about making local connections. Whether you're a student figuring out what's next after high school, an educator striving to better prepare students for the next step in their lives, or a business looking to find the next generation of leaders, we believe connections are key to unlocking the next step. Path to Careers is here to help make those connections happen – effectively and intentionally.


Path to Careers aims to bring clarity to planning for the future—for students, educators, and businesses. By showing students the variety of local career pathways available to them, providing educators with information about the skills and knowledge needed for students to be successful, and creating opportunities for businesses to directly engage with their future workforce, Path to Careers provides a platform dedicated to increasing knowledge about the career pathways available in Central PA.


Path to Careers creates agency for students by allowing them to seek information about a variety of local career paths that align with their interests and skills. Through hands-on career experiences provided by local business, students will be able to make informed choices about their future careers with confidence.

Our Partners

Partnerships make Path To Careers possible. Sincere thanks to the businesses and educators who want to improve opportunities and career readiness for young people and see the value in strengthening connections to that end. The following Legacy Trailblazers provided support that helped launch Path To Careers.

Advance Central PA

Dreamers and doers, the Workforce Development Board and staff in Central PA envision a region that's connected where young people are exposed to career opportunities, educators know the skills students need, and businesses thrive. Path to Careers was developed by people passionate about connection and efficiency.

PA CareerLink®

The Central PA CareerLink® network is committed to linking people to successful careers and linking businesses to a qualified workforce.

The Foundation of the Columbia Montour Chamber of Commerce

Working together, the educators and employers of Columbia and Montour counties will ensure that lifelong learners obtain the academic, technical, and employability skills necessary to be successful in the 21st century workplace.

Thank you!

Special acknowledgement and thanks to the following who were part of the building process.

You can be part of the solution, too!

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