Selinsgrove Area School District


The Selinsgrove Area School District is committed to providing quality education for life-long learning. Vision: We envision the Selinsgrove Area School District to be a premier, exemplary student centered organization where everyone shares in the commitment to the education and development of each student. Our educational system will provide a customized, personalized learning environment that will enable each student to graduate demonstrating competency of 21st Century Skills including critical thinker, self-directed learner, effective communicator, collaborative worker, quality employee, proficient user of technology, and contributing member of a global society. Shared Values: 1. We believe all students can learn and succeed given appropriate standards-based curriculum and research-based instruction; 2. We believe staff and physical facilities should provide a supportive, safe, and secure environment in which to learn; 3. We believe each student is unique and the educational experience should encourage and develop creativity and imagination; 4. We believe educational excellence must be supported by continuous evaluation of facilities and resources, effective instructional practices, and proficient use of technology; 5. We believe education is a life-long pursuit and students must be equipped with the skills for success to meet the challenges of an ever-changing global society; 6. We believe in dedication to excellence and high academic expectations while maintaining fiscal responsibility; 7. We believe academic excellence is achieved through quality instruction supported by continuous, focused staff development which models life-long learning; 8. We believe education should promote character development, ethical behavior, and a positive self-image leading to being responsible citizens; 9. We believe effective leadership at all levels is essential to the success of our educational program; 10. We believe encouragement and support of innovation, flexibility, and creativity is necessary in order to successfully adapt to change; 11. We believe that the school, students, family, and community should have shared responsibility and shared decision-making in the educational process through collaboration and communication; 12. We believe excellence in all areas is identifiable, measurable, achievable, and worthy of pursuit.