Millville Jr./Sr. High School


The mission of the Millville Area School District is to provide a quality education for every student through the combined efforts of a dedicated staff, involved parents, and a supportive community. Vision Academic excellence in an ever-changing world. Shared Values: The shared values and beliefs of the Millville Area School District are: The primary focus is on students achieving their academic potential; The pursuit of excellence is fundamental, unending, and requires diligent effort; Learning is a life-long process; The responsibility of education is shared among the students, educators, family and the community; The school system strives to be responsive and accountable to its students and the community; A safe, positive, and supportive environment is provided for everyone; Everyone is treated with respect and dignity; Social, physical, emotional and cognitive developments are recognized as factors which influence student learning; Facilities and resources are viewed as critical components of the learning environment.