Example School District



At Example School District we strive to facilitate educational experiences through which our students gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to excel as people, professionals, and members of their community.

In addition to their academic coursework, all CPWCD SD students are required to complete a sequence of assignments designed to expose them to a variety of career fields. Through this sequence, our goal is that every student will identify a career path, and create a plan for their post-graduation next step.

As a district that emphasizes career planning, we are always looking to establish partnerships with local and regional businesses interested in hosting our students for career experiences.



Freshman Year: Through their English class, all students must submit a research paper comparing three different careers that they might be interested in. In addition to conducting traditional research with online tools, the students are required to interview a person who is currently working in each career they are writing about.

Sophomore Year: During the second year, students must take a semester long Career Exploration course. In this class, students are taken on a series of field trips to local businesses for tours. At the end of the semester, students must choose one of the businesses as a place where they will conduct a full work day job shadow experience.

Junior Year: Due to other academic requirements there are no class-based assignments for our students during their third year. Rather, they must meet with our guidance staff members to discuss their interests and formulate a plan for their senior experience.

Senior Year: The capstone assignment for the sequence is an internship, co-op, or volunteer experience that relates to their post-graduation education or employment goals. Throughout their experience, they must submit weekly journal articles reflecting on their experience, and conduct three interviews with different employees/co-workers.