Columbia-Montour AVTS


Our school provides students with a choice of 17 training areas to choose from. Ninth grade students are put through an “exploratory program,” where they rotate through four different training areas throughout the year. Then in tenth grade, they select a “major.” To find out more about our Academic and our Vocational-Technical areas, please visit our website.


Students at CMAVTS have several opportunities for work-based learning: Job Shadowing, Internships and our Capstone Cooperative Program. Job Shadowing and Internships are generally short-term opportunities where students are afforded time to receive a brief overview of an occupation or to learn about the environment offered by specific employers. These opportunities can last anywhere from one day to two weeks and are generally unpaid. Job Shadowing and Internship opportunities are typically offered to students in 9th-11th grade. The Capstone Cooperative Program (Co-Op) is an immersive work-based learning opportunity that affords the student the opportunity to earn a competitive wage while furthering their Vocational Education. Co-Op students attend their academic classes each morning and continue to build on the set of in-demand skills that they learned in their vocational program through an established training plan. Co-Op is a program open to students in both the Senior and Junior classes.