Industry Tour

An industry tour for students at Juniper Village, a senior living community, can be a valuable educational experience that offers insights into the field of elder care and the operations of a senior living facility. Here is a summary of what such a tour might involve:
• Educational Exposure: To provide students with a practical understanding of senior care, facility management, and the various career opportunities available in this sector.
• Real-World Experience: To connect theoretical knowledge with real-world applications in the field of gerontology, nursing, healthcare administration, and social work.
Tour Components:
1. Introduction and Orientation:
o Overview of Juniper Village, including its mission, values, and the range of services offered.
o Briefing on the importance of elder care and the role of senior living communities in the healthcare ecosystem.
2. Facility Walkthrough:
o Guided tour of the facility, including living spaces, common areas, dining facilities, and recreational areas.
o Observation of the environment and amenities provided to residents to ensure their comfort and well-being.
3. Departments and Operations:
o Visits to different departments such as nursing, activities and recreation, dietary services, and administration.
o Explanation of daily operations, including resident care routines, meal planning, and recreational activities.
4. Staff Insights:
o Discussions with staff members from various roles, such as nurses, caregivers, social workers, and administrators.
o Insights into the skills and qualifications required for different positions and potential career paths in elder care.
5. Q&A Session:
o Open forum for students to ask questions about the industry, career opportunities, challenges, and future trends in senior living care.
o Addressing any specific interests or concerns students may have about working in this field.


Accounting/Finance, Direct Care, Environmental Health and Safety, Other


Healthcare / Health Science




State College




Age/Grade Requirements

9th - 12th Grade


06/24/2024 through
Max attendance 25