Guest Speaker - Human Services (Personal Care)

A guest speaker session for students at Juniper Village can provide an enriching and informative experience by bringing in an expert from the field of elder care. Here is a summary of what such a session might involve:
• Expert Insights: To offer students professional perspectives and in-depth knowledge about elder care, senior living, and related careers.
• Inspiration and Motivation: To inspire students by showcasing the impact and importance of working in the elder care industry.
Session Components:
1. Introduction:
o Brief introduction of the guest speaker, including their background, expertise, and current role in the elder care industry.
o Overview of the session’s agenda and key topics to be covered.
2. Professional Journey:
o The guest speaker shares their career path, highlighting important milestones, challenges, and achievements.
o Explanation of the skills, education, and experiences that have contributed to their success.
3. Industry Overview:
o Insights into the current state of the elder care industry, including trends, challenges, and opportunities.
o Discussion on the importance of quality care, innovation, and the evolving needs of the aging population.
4. Operational Insights:
o Detailed explanation of the operations within a senior living community, including resident care, staff roles, and daily activities.
o Examples of best practices in elder care and the importance of a holistic approach to resident well-being.
5. Career Opportunities:
o Overview of various career paths within the elder care industry, from healthcare roles (nurses, caregivers) to administrative positions (managers, coordinators).
o Discussion on the qualifications, skills, and personal attributes needed for different roles.
6. Q&A Session:
o Open forum for students to ask questions about the speaker’s experiences, industry insights, and career advice.
o Encouraging students to seek further knowledge and consider potential careers in elder care.


Accounting/Finance, Direct Care, Environmental Health and Safety


Healthcare / Health Science




State College




Age/Grade Requirements

9th -12th Grade


06/24/2024 through
Max attendance 50