Intern Job Description

Reports to: Program Supervisor, Group Supervisor, or Assistant Group Supervisor
Supervises: N/A

High School Diploma or GED certificate or
Eighth-grade education and two years experience working and/or caring for directly with non-related children (ie: babysitting)

Job Description: Assist the group supervisor and/or assistant group supervisor in carrying out the daily activities of the program. Assist specifically with active supervision and instruction of young children in the classroom. Keep children safe by creating a culture of safety.

General Requirements:

Pennsylvania State Police Criminal History Clearance, Child Abuse Clearance, FBI Clearance, and National Sex Offender Registry check prior to hire.
Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse training completed within 90 days of hire and renewed according to policies.
Physical examination and Tuberculosis test prior to hire
Maintain up-to-date Pediatric First Aid and CPR certification as required
Job-related training, as assigned
Physical ability to perform essential job functions without any health restrictions, including the ability to sit or stand for long periods of time; lift, and carry up to fifty pounds, have unrestricted use of the upper body; corrected or uncorrected hearing and vision within normal ranges, and a clear speaking voice; and other abilities necessary to ensure child safety in the facility and in the community, such as, but not limited to the following:
Ability to bend, squat, reach, kneel, and climb stairs
Ability to move from a sitting to standing position quickly, safely, and without difficulty
Ability to chase an eloping child
Ability to join the children’s active play including jumping and running, indoors and outdoors

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Knowledge of the following:
Basic knowledge of the growth and development of young children
CACFP (Child and Adult Care Food Program) regulations
DHS (Department of Human Services) regulations
DCDC Policies and Procedures: Personnel Policies and Employee Handbook

Skill in the following:
Communication including reading, speaking, writing, and listening
Building and maintaining positive relationships with staff, community stakeholders, families, and children

Ability to perform the following:
Read, and interpret regulations and directives
Problem solve
Computer experience
Follow directions
Report directly to ChildLine, any suspected abuse, and alert DCDC administrative staff of the situation< Assist in Fire Drill procedures to aid in evacuation General Job Responsibilities:
Learn, understand, and cooperate with the philosophy of the program
Communicate regularly with staff
Work as a member of a team
Prompt and regular attendance to assigned area
Carry out additional duties as assigned by the Program Supervisor, Group Supervisor, Assistant Group Supervisor, or Executive Director for the efficient quality operation of the program

Specific Job Responsibilities:

Curriculum and Environment:
Contribute ideas and suggestions for the curriculum of activities to the group supervisor and/or assistant group supervisor.
Work toward social, nutritional, physical, emotional, language, and cognitive goals appropriate to each child’s needs, based upon their individual development.
Implement plans specified by the group supervisor and/or assistant group supervisor concerning daily/weekly schedule, individual and group activities for children, lesson plans and room arrangements.
Help to prepare materials and participate in or guide activities for the social, nutritional, physical, emotional, language and cognitive development appropriate to each child’s individual needs.
Tend to children’s personal needs (feeding, diapering, hand and face hygiene, etc)
Assist in maintaining the classroom, equipment and supplies, and center in a continuously neat and orderly fashion.
In conjunction with the Program Supervisor, assist in fostering a team environment with fellow staff and parents.

Family Engagement:
Maintain open and frequent communication with parents. Encourage parent involvement and participate in related parent functions as deemed necessary.

Program Operations:
Supervise and interact with children in all activity areas, inside and outside, with an appropriate sense of accountability.
Assist with the records or reports that are necessary for the children of the program. This includes, but is not limited to: diaper charts, daily notes, attendance sheets, etc. An all-inclusive list can be found in the Staff Handbook. Submit reports to the appropriate person.
Participate in the routines of the daily program.
Detect and report children’s ailments including cuts, bumps, etc on Incident forms. This includes mandatory reporting of any suspicious injuries or marks to a member of administration immediately.
Responsible for direct supervision of assigned group of children and utilizing supervision cards.

Professional Development:
Conduct yourself as a positive, professional role model for others working with children.
Maintain your professional development record on the PD registry at
In conjunction with the Education Director, develop an individualized annual professional development plan.
Attend and make use of appropriate training as required yearly.




Education & Training








Age/Grade Requirements

We can offer an internship where the candidate has a high school diploma or GED. All interns must have clearances, health assessment and mandated reporter training in accordance with our licensing agencies.


07/01/2024 through
Max attendance 5