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Furmano Foods

Corporate Vision

Corporate Vision Statement 

Furmano Foods is on a world class journey, driven by God-honoring descendants of John and Emma Furman, to provide value-added food products and services. Corporate Mission Statement. We are a growth oriented business driven to exceed our customers' expectations by: 

  • Practicing Biblical Principles 
  • Producing Great Tasting Nutritious Food 
  • Providing Exceptional Service 
  • Progressing Continuously Corporate

Values Statement

We continue to follow the values of our founder, J.W. Furman: 

  • Be Thankful 
  • Be Honest 
  • Be Kind 
  • Be Diligent 
  • Be Unified  
About Us

A Growing Company. From a humble beginning in the kitchen of a Susquehanna Valley farming family, Furmano’s has grown steadily by combining farming values and industry best practices. Since 1921, our goal is to grow, harvest and prepare the freshest tasting, highest quality products available in a culture that promotes resource conservation and sustainability. We are now a fourth generation family-owned and operated business, producing superior quality tomatoes, beans and vegetables for the retail and foodservice trade. Come Grow With Us. Furmano Foods is located in the beautiful Susquehanna River Valley in Northumberland, Pennsylvania, Furmano’s believes that creating wholesome food begins by caring for the land on which it is raised and caring for the people who nurture it from seed to plate. Furmano’s is a growth-oriented business driven to exceed our customers' expectations by practicing biblical principles, providing exceptional service, and progressing continuously. If that excites you, then we invite you to come join our team and grow with us.  


Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources









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