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Bucknell University

Preparing and educating tomorrow's leaders and innovators

Bucknell is a unique national university where liberal arts and professional programs complement each other. Bucknell educates students for a lifetime of critical thinking and strong leadership characterized by continued intellectual exploration, creativity and imagination.

A Bucknell education enables students to interact daily with faculty who exemplify a passion for learning and a dedication to teaching and scholarship. Bucknell fosters a residential, co-curricular environment in which students develop intellectual maturity, personal conviction and strength of character, informed by a deep understanding of different cultures and diverse perspectives.

Bucknell seeks to educate our students to serve the common good and to promote justice in ways sensitive to the moral and ethical dimensions of life.

Our Promise

Our students are ambitious and creative with a thirst to know more. At Bucknell University, we bring together the brilliant minds of today who will define the innovations of tomorrow.  We employ faculty and staff who are uniquely qualified to support and deliver the promises we make to our students their families and to the broader Bucknell community.

You aren't named one of America's most beautiful college campuses by resting on your laurels. Bucknell Facilities works every day of the year to ensure that our campus isn't just beautiful, but remains the perfect environment for students to pursue their unique interests, make discoveries and forge new relationships.

Through careful and sustainable campus planning, expert renovations and construction, and fastidious maintenance of our buildings and grounds, we're finding new ways to make sure our campus remains a special place, even when it's changing.


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