Apex Homes of PA, LLC

Our Core Values and Mission

The Apex Homes mission is to remain an industry leader in the promotion and execution of the modular construction concept and continually advance our market presence as a diversified wholesale manufacturer of quality single- and multi-family homes and light commercial structures.


Apex Homes will continually strive for the utmost efficiency with our building facility, methods, and materials in order to keep the American dream of home ownership affordable and to preserve our natural building resources. In doing so, we will maintain a profitable corporate platform capable of providing a safe, stable, and enjoyable working environment in which our employees may prosper and grow to their fullest potential.

Additional Details of Apex Homes

Apex Homes will remain focused on promoting a corporate spirit and business environment where the old-fashioned values of pride, accountability, craftsmanship, and teamwork take priority. As we move into the future with open minds, we will continually search out new and innovative value-adding materials, methods, and services and always work hard to lead rather than follow.











Our Experiences

No experiences available at this time, check back soon!