Advice from an Intern

Internships can be a powerful tool in helping students experience future career paths. Learn more about Sam's experience as an intern at the PA CareerLink®.

Sam was a Lycoming College student majoring in creative writing with plans to pursue a career as an English teacher when his career counselor encouraged him to apply for an internship with the PA CareerLink® Lycoming County Business Services Team (BST) in summer 2018.

Sam was thrilled he was invited to interview and then offered the position. With some new business clothes and an open mind, Sam prepared himself for the summer ahead. Once on the job, he quickly acclimated and his supervisors learned more about him and his skills. When Sam shared his experience in graphic design from high school, he was encouraged to put those skills to work and placed on projects that used his strengths.

“I design flyers for PA CareerLink® customers and for business events being held. Our business consultant takes me to meetings. Typically, I do art,” Sam explained about the work he has done. Keeping himself busy working on projects, Sam felt comfortable asking for help when necessary. He made it clear that this comfort came from the trust that was given by his co-workers. Being given responsibility and treated as a peer made his experience very positive.

The BST members definitely left a good impression on Sam, and he felt he left a good impression on them as well by contributing to the work that needed done, completing projects, and bringing a fresh perspective. Indeed, it seems the experience was positive for all since Sam finds himself once again working as an intern with the BST in summer 2019.

Sam encourages students to embark on an internship of their own “Keep an open mind with it and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and experiment. You’re there to learn.” He adds that an internship can help someone understand the job opportunities available and whether they require a college degree or not and suggested “it would be fantastic if students can get a summer internship in high school! It may help them choose a career path or avoid going down a path they later realize they don’t like."

Sam continues his studies on the path to become an English teacher, but explains that his internship made him realize there are great career opportunities he didn’t know existed. Sam’s path is wide open!

Written By
Celia Hussar- Advance Central PA Intern