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Summer employment opportunity in manufacturing

Are you interested in working hands on in one of Americas most resourceful, full-service, multifaceted custom molders? The Ralph S. Alberts Company has been in business since 1963 serving multiple industries including the amusement park industry, the medical industry, and the military. Our departments and capabilities include CNC Machining, Custom Tooling, Foam Molding, FRP Molding, Hand Casting, Injection Molding and Roto-Casting.

We work with ideas, drawings, 3D data or physical samples, we provide versatility in our approach to designing custom molded parts for prototyping and low volume production. Using enhanced principals and chemistry introduced more than 50 years ago combined with the latest innovative technology, we ensure each product is uniquely designed, molded and manufactured to meet the needs of our customer, creating a cost effective and preferred part. Our expertise in responsiveness, creativity, accuracy and lasting durability has allowed our 7 unique departments the ability to mold their niche in the plastics industry.

A typical work day will include assembling, disassembling, painting, trimming, and ensuring quality is up to our high standards throughout all of our unique departments. 

Think you might be interested in learning more? We would love to have you join our team as an intern or for the summer!! We have lots of great mentors with years of experience that would be happy to teach you more.

Departments Manufacturing, Production, Operations,


Age/ Grade Requirements18 years or older

TownMontoursville, 17754

Max Attendance5


AvailableMay 01, 2022 - Aug 31, 2022