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Career Presentations from Triangle Tech

Our presentation is designed for a 40-45 minute time period during which we discuss two very big decisions that students will make in the near future. We accomplish this by talking specifically about career planning as well as they key elements to consider when choosing a school or training program.
The first half of the presentation is focused on “How to Choose and Prepare for a Career”. We begin by discussing the importance of choosing a career that relates to their interests, and how the classes they enjoy can help them to identify one. Then, we review how the job market has changed over time, the skills currently in demand, and provide information on average salaries for various levels of educational experience.
The second half of the presentation is focused on “How To Choose the Right Training to Learn the Skills to Reach Your Goals”. We will highlight appropriate degrees, the right post-secondary atmosphere, career advising, job placement, financial aid and locations of the schools.


Departments Other,

IndustryEducation & Training

Age/ Grade Requirements9th grade and up

TownSunbury, 17801

Max Attendancen/a


AvailableFeb 17, 2020 - Dec 31, 2020